80% AR9/AR40 - Glock Magazine - Standard Lower - Flat Front - 7075 Anodized Black

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ANODIZED BLACK - Flat Front - 80% Dedicated GLOCK 9mm / 40sw MAGAZINE - Standard - AR15 LOWER RECEIVER - 7075-T6

**NOTE: The standard lower does not have a integrated LRBHO (Last Round Bolt Hold Open).


Q - What does "Dedicated GLOCK 9mm/40sw MAGAZINE mean?

A - Our lower is designed to accept Glock 9mm handgun magazines.  It will also function with .40 and .357 ammo and matching upper.

Q - Does this lower have an integrated LRBHO?

A - No, You can use without a LRBHO, or use an upper with the LRBHO.  We also offer 9mm lowers with an integrated LRBHO.

Q - What is the difference between an AAO 80% lower and others?

A - Safe / Fire is laser etched into the AAO Lower.  

   - You can quickly test your upper to lower fitment with the AAO Lower before you mill, this is due to a small pocket/rear shelf milled/rear shelf into the rear takedown pin area.

   - High quality and best in class precision machining for a good price.  We are real gun guys and we fire what we make, so it has to be good.  

Q - What material do you use?

A - All of our lowers are machined from: 7075-T6 Aluminum

Q - What LRPK (LPK) will work?

A - We recommend the AAO MFG LRPK, however any standard mil-spec LRPK will work.

Q - What magazines work in the AAO Lower?

A -Glock, Magpul, ETS and most all others.

Q - What bolt carrier will work with this Glock Mag lower?

A - An AR-9 Bolt Carrier that has been cut to clear a Glock Magazine. 

Q - Should I adjust my Ejector?

A - We recommend verifying that your bolt cycles without excessive rubbing on the ejector. We also recommend using loctite on the ejector bolts.

Q - What does "Flat Front" mean?

A - The front face of the magazine well is flat.

Q  - What information do you need if I choose CA Compliance Engraving via the drop down menus?

A - Leave your information in the notes section of the checkout page.

  • CA Compliance list information as follows: Your Name, Your City, State, Multi Cal, Your Serial# 
  • If ordering multiples lowers list your serial numbers as:  0001:0006 (serial number 0001 through 0006)

Q - What calibers can be built with this finished lower?

Glock 9mm, .40 and .357 sig (small frame)

Q - Is an FFL required to purchase this product?

A - NO, an FFL is NOT REQUIRED to purchase this product.

   - Anyone can legally purchase a 80% Lower Receiver.  An 80% Lower Receiver DOES NOT have to be sold through or registered through a dealer with a FFL (Federal Firearms License).   

Q - What JIG do you recommend to finish the AAO lower?

A - AAO Lowers are compatible with any JIG that will complete a standard Mil-Spec AR Lower.  If you are finishing an AAO 9mm Lower, the Ejector is removable so it can work with any standard Mil-Spec JIG.

Q - What are the operations that must be completed to make the 80% lower fully functional:

A - Machine the following using your JIG to finish our 80 percent AR15 Lower Receiver.  Our 80% Lower Receiver has a fully broached finished Mag Well.   

  • fire control group
  • safety select hole
  • trigger pin hole
  • hammer pin hole
  • The AAO 80% Lower Receiver has been machined to match MIL-SPEC from a 7075 AR15 Lower Forging.

Q - What is a AR15 80% Lower Receiver?

A - 80% lower receivers are parts that have been partially completed.  

   - 80 percent or 80% is a generic term that means that everything is complete on the lower except for the fire control group, safety select, trigger opening, trigger pin holes & hammer pin holes.

   - Utilizing a jig and the right techniques, any 80 percent lower can be quickly transformed into a highly accurate and functional firearm. 

Q - Does a AR15 80% Lower Receiver require transfer or registration through an FFL? 

A - No. This is a do-it-yourself product.. You start with a 80% product and end up with a complete functional product after your finish the machining using your jig. 

Q - Is it legal to do this?  May I lawfully make a firearm for my own personal use, provided it is not being made for resale?

A - This quote is taken directly from the ATF Website http://www.atf.gov/files/firearms/industry/0501-firearms-top-10-qas.pdf: "Firearms may be lawfully made by persons who do not hold a manufacturer's license under the GCA (Gun Control Act) provided they are not for sale or distribution and the maker is not prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms."

Q - Can I build and then transfer a finished firearm to another individual? 

A - Yes you can, however you must mark the firearm in accordance with 27 CFR 472.92 (formally 178.92). You must follow all laws that are in place today. Do yourself a favor an protect yourself, don't put a completed firearm in anyone's hands unless you have gone through proper channels and background checks. Following the proper channels will protect us, our family, and our friends. For any firearm transfer it is your responsibility to understand the federal and local laws and how they apply.  

Q - Is it legal to assemble a firearm from commercially available parts kits that can be purchased via the internet or via Firearms News?

A - This quote is taken directly from the ATF Web Site: "Firearms may be lawfully made by persons who do not hold a manufacturer’s license under the GCA provided they are not for sale or distribution and the maker is not prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms. However, a person is prohibited from assembling a non-sporting semiautomatic rifle or shotgun from 10 or more imported parts, as set forth in regulations in 27 C.F.R. 478.39" https://www.atf.gov/file/61721/download 


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  • 5
    Will be buying again soon

    Posted by SB on May 22nd 2020

    Definitely recommend this ar9 lower for a build compared this to a friends he and I could tell the difference....... I won!!!!

  • 5
    9mm lower

    Posted by man on May 14th 2020

    top quality.

  • 4

    Posted by MrQ on May 6th 2020

    Beautiful, perfect exactly what I ordered. Will order again.

  • 5
    AR 9 80% lower

    Posted by Chris on May 2nd 2020

    It's going to be great !

  • 5
    AR9 anodized lower

    Posted by Doc on Apr 28th 2020

    Shipped quickly. Fit 5D Tactical jig with no issues. Did have to slightly file top and 1 side of magazine stop due to friction with BCG, but that could easily be due to the BCG.

  • 5

    Posted by Edi on Apr 22nd 2020

    Very nice quality lower

  • 5
    AR9 Glock lower

    Posted by Johnf on Apr 21st 2020

    Very nice Anodized finish and fit perfectly

  • 5
    AR9/40 Glock Mag 80% Lower

    Posted by Larry Page on Nov 21st 2019

    I’ve purchased 2 and have made AR-9 Pistols out of them—couldn’t be happier—excellent machining!

  • 4
    Seems really good

    Posted by Just a dude on Jul 28th 2019

    Overall good product, Glock, MagPul, ETS and KCI mags fit good. High Quality anodizing. Would buy again.