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80% AR15 Lower Receiver – 7075 Raw




Made in the USA


Q – What is the difference between an AAO 80% lower and others?

A – Safe / Fire laser etched into the AAO Lower.

– You can quickly test your upper to lower fitment with the AAO Lower before you mill, this is due to a small pocket milled into the rear takedown pin area.

– High quality and best in class precision machining for a good price.  We are real gun guys and we fire what we make, so it has to be good.

Q – What material do you use?

A – All of our lowers are machined form: 7075-T6 Aluminum

Q – What LRPK (LPK) will work?

A – We recommend the AAO MFG LRPK, however any standard mil-spec LRPK will work.

Q – What does RAW or “IN THE WHITE” mean?

A – Raw means “unfinished” or “in the white”, the unit has been fully deburred and is ready for you to finish.

Q  – What information do you need if I choose CA Compliance Engraving via the drop down menus?

A – Leave your information in the notes section of the checkout page.

  • CA Compliance list information as follows: Your Name, Your City, State, Multi Cal, Your Serial#
  • If ordering multiples lowers list your serial numbers as:  0001:0006 (serial number 0001 through 0006)

Q – Do you offer a bulk discount or other discounts?

A – Yes, purchase TEN AAO AR15 80% Lowers and RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT on your lowers.

Q – What calibers can be built with a finished lower?

.223/5.56 – .22 – .204 Ruger – 300 AAC Blackout – 6.5 Grendel – 7.62×39 – 458 SOCOM – 45ACP – 9mm – FN 5.7 – 7.62×25 – 5.45×39

Q – Is an FFL required to purchase this product?

A – NO, an FFL is NOT REQUIRED to purchase this product.

– Anyone can legally purchase a 80% Lower Receiver.  An 80% Lower Receiver DOES NOT have to be sold through or registered through a dealer with a FFL (Federal Firearms License).

Q – What JIG do you recommend to finish the AAO lower?

A – AAO Lowers are compatible with any JIG that will complete a standard Mil-Spec AR Lower.  If you are finishing an AAO 9mm Lower, the Ejector and LRBHO are removable so it can work with any standard Mil-Spec JIG.

Q – What are the operations that must be completed to make the 80% lower fully functional:

A – Machine the following using your JIG to finish our 80 percent AR15 Lower Receiver.  Our 80% Lower Receiver has a fully broached finished Mag Well.

  • fire control group
  • safety select hole
  • trigger opening
  • trigger pin holes
  • hammer pin holes
  • The AAO 80% Lower Receiver has been machined to match MIL-SPEC from a 7075 AR15 Lower Forging.

Q – What is a AR15 80% Lower Receiver?

A – 80% lower receivers are parts that have been partially completed.

– 80 percent or 80% is a generic term that means that everything is complete on the lower except for the fire control group, safety select, trigger opening, trigger pin holes & hammer pin holes.

– Utilizing a jig and the right techniques, any 80 percent lower can be quickly transformed into a highly accurate and functional firearm.

Q – Does a AR15 80% Lower Receiver require transfer or registration through an FFL? 

A – No. This is a do-it-yourself product.. You start with a 80% product and end up with a complete functional product after your finish the machining using your jig.

Q – Is it legal to do this?  May I lawfully make a firearm for my own personal use, provided it is not being made for resale?

A – This quote is taken directly from the ATF Website “Firearms may be lawfully made by persons who do not hold a manufacturer’s license under the GCA (Gun Control Act) provided they are not for sale or distribution and the maker is not prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms.”

Q – Can I build and then transfer a finished firearm to another individual? 

A – Yes you can, however you must mark the firearm in accordance with 27 CFR 472.92 (formally 178.92). You must follow all laws that are in place today. Do yourself a favor an protect yourself, don’t put a completed firearm in anyone’s hands unless you have gone through proper channels and background checks. Following the proper channels will protect us, our family, and our friends. For any firearm transfer it is your responsibility to understand the federal and local laws and how they apply.

Q – Is it legal to assemble a firearm from commercially available parts kits that can be purchased via the internet or via Firearms News?

A – This quote is taken directly from the ATF Web Site: “Firearms may be lawfully made by persons who do not hold a manufacturer’s license under the GCA provided they are not for sale or distribution and the maker is not prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms. However, a person is prohibited from assembling a non-sporting semiautomatic rifle or shotgun from 10 or more imported parts, as set forth in regulations in 27 C.F.R. 478.39”



Additional information

Weight 0.4535923696 kg
Dimensions 2 × 9 × 5 cm
Option - Bulk Order

Option - Safe / Fire Bullet Engraving

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Option - Serial Number / CA Engraving

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Extra Mag Well Engraving

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90 reviews for 80% AR15 Lower Receiver – 7075 Raw

  1. D_J

    Solid, good attention to detail. Crisp “SAFE” and “FIRE” nice magwell, and the shelf is a great touch to give you an idea of the kind of fit you’ll have with your upper. before you mill a thing. This is a great canvas to create your next build.

  2. Don nelson

    I just got my order and super happy. The quality is great time to build!

  3. Rex

    Excellent product. Shipped fast and was well packaged.
    Great product at a great price

  4. Dave

    Very pleased with the quality of this lower. Was impressed. Will be picking up a few more in the future .

  5. Anonymous

    as advertised, great product, great price

  6. michael sweeter

    Maybe the best AR15 80% lower I’ve ever received. Machining and finish are excellent

  7. Jim K.

    I ordered a 5 pack at 8:00 in the morning. I got shipment notification at 2:30 same day. The lowers are some of the best I have handled. I just ordered another 5 pack. Keep up the good work!

  8. Jack

    Your lowers are perfect. I couldn’t find any flaws at all. I had mine engraved, and it is just perfect. I will order more.

  9. Dustin

    This was my 1st lower. I used the 5d jig, and it came out perfect. I will send y’all some pics. Great product.


    Good quality at a low price! Thank you!

  11. Ed

    Love it, ordered a second one.

  12. lewis

    I have yet to complete these lowers, but the custom engraving work by Monty is fabulous! Couldn’t be happier with that! Excellent craftsmanship and a real work of art for sure. Nicely packaged and also communication throughout the transaction was excellent! I for one really appreciate the service these folks are providing to our country! Thanks AAO!!!

  13. Dean

    I ordered three. They all look great. I test fit the upper form my colt ar15. Perfect fit. Looking forward to the paperweight to AR transformation! Thanks guys!

  14. Jerry

    Very nice lower with the added bonus of being a Gen 2 with the upper take up screw. Tks AAO

  15. George H.

    This is my 6th 80% build, but my first lower from you guys. This is the best lower I have ever received. I will buy all my lowers through you in the future.

  16. Richard W

    You guys have the best quality fit and finish of any 80% company I have dealt with.

  17. Clay T.

    Best kept secret in 80% lowers! Your quality is always above your competitors.

  18. Dev K

    Best quality fit and finish I have seen. Thanks for providing expensive quality at an affordable price.

  19. Ricky T

    Best lower on the market.

  20. Bryant T

    Fantastic quality and service. Wish I could give more stars!

  21. Jeff

    Seems to be a well made product. Time will tell when I tackle the 20% machining.

  22. C.

    Exactly as described great job thank you! Will be buying more soon!

  23. Steven Daily

    Nice! Will you make a 308 size???

  24. Michael

    Amazing price for a Mil-spec 80% lower. These mill up perfectly on my Ghost Gunner 2.

  25. matt gleason

    Very imressed

  26. Jim

    The best 80% lower that I have seen out there on the market.

  27. Joe Taylor

    Have not assembled yet but but so far so good. Drilled out easily, and sanded very smooth. Will buy again.

  28. Anonymous

    very nice options that are standard and a very good price.

  29. lew

    acceptable good quality receiver.

  30. Troy Wright

    These are made great. I have had other lowers a little off which it did not affect the function but does affect the look once completely built. These were perfect, and that is the reason I bulk order them. I will only use AAO lowers for my custom builds.

  31. Philip Weiser

    Lowest priced raw lower I found. looks good and was easy to finish. May buy another one. Waiting for black one to get in will order one next.

  32. Steven

    outstanding product for the money, fast shipping, the set screw was a nice touch!!!

  33. C W

    Very high quality. Fulfilled my special request, and shipped extremely quiclky.

  34. John @ Mustang Arms Company

    Have not processed the lowers yet but they look great and are very well made.

  35. Simon Carp

    Very nice machining quality, I had one milled out and was very pleased, bought 10 more!

  36. Dean

    Great just as describe .. will buy from AAO mfg again very happy.

  37. Nicholas Beales

    These lowers have turned-out great!

  38. Rick T

    Very high quality product. Fit in my jig perfectly. I found no porosity in the casting while milling. I would consider the quality to be 100%. I would recommend this product.

  39. Sammy B.

    I love this lower! The price, fit and finish, tolerances are spot on.! Nice hard aluminum but still easy enough to machine.

  40. John Callahan

    Excellent. Very nice. Working out well so far. It was fun to complete it. Wish I could do more.

  41. Al Kochenderfer

    Used many of these–great quality, same as ones costing several times as much—for real!!

  42. Ken

    Shipping fees were a little expensive but it was really fast shipping to the northern part of Alaska. Very nice lower for an 80%.

  43. Matt

    Item as described fast shipper will order more from you in the future

  44. Mach10

    Mil-spec, no flaws in manufacturing. Free laser engraving. What more could you ask for.

  45. Charles Osborn

    Very nicely constructed forged receivers. These are top notch receivers and the price is excellent. Would definitely but again, also fast delivery

  46. JB

    I am very impressed with these lowers. The shipping was quick, parts were packaged nice and need, fit and finish is spot on. Best bang for the buck. This company has done a great job. I will continue to order frm them because they supply a premium product for a budget price. Thank you AAO, you guys are awesome.

  47. Kurtis Crawford

    The fit and finish is awesome, ‘‘tis fit perfectly to all the different uppers I own. Very crisp and clear engraving as well. l will be buying more.

  48. Zach Bjerke

    I’m really impressed and it would have gotten five stars if there was an option to have a lower with no “Safe” “Fire” markings are all for those of us making clones. But the quality and fit are great and I would recommend this product anyways.

  49. James

    Arrived quickly. Good quality lower.

  50. Armory

    Great product always in spec and very consistent

  51. Nathan

    second batch I have order and very satisfied with both orders.

  52. Dan

    good quality, quick turn around, will definitely buy again

  53. Jeremy

    Great price for a good 80% lower. The shipping/handling is efficient and I look forward to finishing the lower and my build.

  54. Customer

    product worked fine

  55. Angel G.

    Really satisfied with this item , fast shipping as well

  56. Ryan

    I’ve gotten several receivers from AAO, both 556 and M&P 9mm. The machining has been great same with their shipping and their prices are the best I found. I highly recommend this company

  57. Anonymous

    These are machined to a very high quality. Ready to paint or coat. If anodizing I would suggest polishing a little first. Fit to multiple uppers is perfect. The tension screw is nice as well.

  58. Eugene H Peruski

    Great product.

  59. Paul Caldwell


  60. Behind Enemy Lines

    AAO is as solid as they come, that’s first and foremost. Great company, great products, and great service.
    I love these Raw 80’s, as I finish with Cerakote anyway, I’ve built a number of them and never experienced a single issue; no out-of-spec parts, no damaged parts, nothing. I also very much appreciate that they machine out the area of the rear takedown pin. Not all distributors of 80’s take this extra step but it makes things a good bit easier for us non-CNC’ers.
    I’m just a hobby-builder gun nut, and by no means wealthy, so cost and VALUE are important to me. With that said, I’m not aware of anyone who can reliably beat a price of $41 each!
    In closing I’ll offer up A word to the wise: If you’re not already using AAO’s 80’s sign up to be notified when they’re back in stock!!! And when they’re around ACT FAST!

  61. Rick

    Always the best quality products from AAO for your project. I would recommend this company.

  62. TJ B

    Great product. Great price. Fast shipping

  63. Keith G Coulombe

    Exceeds expectations. Rear takedown recess a nice touch.

  64. john kurpil

    best lower receivers i ever bought for the price. rated up at the top of the list. john kurpil

  65. Rey Parra

    Wow, I can’t believe this is great quality lower is priced so well. Definitely made a lifetime customer out of me. Shipping so fast I got whiplash.

  66. Gary

    Waiting to buy more when they come back in stock…

  67. Mike

    Great quality, can’t wait to mill them out. Definitely buying more.

  68. Troy Wright

    Doing my custom builds, I use these lowers exclusively. They are always machined perfectly and the tension screw is a bonus that I use to sell to my customers.

  69. Gary

    Great for the at home hobbyist.

  70. NGY Customs

    Very nice casting, looks clean and precise. The threading also looks great. Looking forward to the build.

  71. Bill Story

    Made of good quality and machining. I see no issues for them.

  72. Greg

    I have a few other brands of 80% forged lowers and these from AAO are by far the best in both being true spec to flawless finish

  73. Danny

    Great craftsmanship. I recommend their parts to everyone.

  74. Den

    Exactly what I expected and surprisingly fast shipping. Can’t wait to finish and cericote.

  75. Bob poznanski

    Excellent product. I have four now

  76. Thomas T

    This was my first go at making my own lower. Everything went smooth, and it functions perfect. Thanks for the quality product.

  77. Dave Little

    Looks Awesome! Functions Awesome!

  78. Edward Bartson

    Just what I wanted.

  79. John B

    Great lower, the finish is fantastic, the pricing was awesome! Great quality product, will be buying more.

  80. John, Mustang Arms Company

    By far and away, one of the best 80% I have used. Their precision machining is true to spec and the fitment mates with uppers of all types and manufacturers like they were made together.

  81. therrell l. pierce

    fast service . Looks good. I like the adjusting screw, wish I had thought of that. thanks

  82. William L Clay

    what i needed

  83. David

    This item at great price was perfect for my project builds.

  84. George

    What a great company and product. They did custom engraving for me and didn’t even bat an eye.

  85. George

    I’ve dealt with these guys on a couple of purchases and they are super to work with. I orders the wrong engraving through my own error and they exchanged them no questions asked. I will always be a customer. Thank you AAO.

  86. mike

    very good quality

  87. P. Doyle

    Always fast shipping great products hope they won’t “regulate” you out of business.

  88. Bianca

    Great company to order from. Very easy and fast shipping.

  89. Rick L.

    Great price and way better quality than expected , great deal

  90. Greg Clark

    Very happy with the quality, finished holes look good, machining looks good too.

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