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Stainless Steel Anti Walk Pins


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Stainless steel trigger/hammer anti walk pins. Includes allen wrenches for installation.


.154 diameter

.8965 length

Includes 2 .154 stainless anti-walk pins, 4 allen head screws, and 2 allen wrenches.

Note: Not all AR receivers share the same external width. The width variation is because of different forging manufactures and machining process of billet receivers. Our pins are long enough to fit the thickest receivers, and may be shortened by sanding or filing for the thinnest receivers. We do recommend if you are shortening the pins, that you file/sand off of each side of the pins rather than taking all the material off one side. The pins can be installed without shortening and it will not affect the performance.

The recommended torque is 8 inch pounds with a do not exceed torque of 10 inch pounds.


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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 4 cm

6 reviews for Stainless Steel Anti Walk Pins

  1. Heath M.

    This kit has quality components and perfect fit.

  2. Pail F

    This is a good buy for guys wanting to upgrade to anti walk pins. Quality hardware!

  3. Louis M

    I received them 2 days after ordering, and everything worked perfect. Would buy again.

  4. Patrick E

    Excellent quality and quick shipping.

  5. Redrider

    Work way better than milspec pins.. simple stupid install.

  6. Rafael

    The name says it all. Don’t have to worry about the pins walking out.

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